AI spam & virus filtering

Spam filtering based on artificial neural nets
What are the main advantages of using AI spam filter?
  • State of the art machine learning spam classifiers based on artificial neural networks can respond to threats before they emerge.
  • Spam and virus filtering is offloaded to Mailcheap's shared infrastructure instead of consuming your dedicated server resources.
  • Automatic spam learning based on new attack patterns and ability to respond in realtime (pre-alpha).
How do I sign up for AI spam filtering?
  • Reseller Enterprise, Reseller World and Enterprise email - Shared plans have AI spam filtering by default (free of charge).
  • Enterprise email - Dedicated plans can choose to enable AI spam filtering with the 'AI spam and virus filtering' addon for $149/yr.
Are there any usage limits for AI spam filter?
Yes, to protect the infrastructure (from spammers, compromised users, runaway scripts, etc.) and to provide optimum service at all times.
Since Mailcheap provides unlimited users & domains with all plans, there is no single upper usage limit but instead a per-sender limit applied every 5 minutes.
Usage limit for AI spam filter
  • Per sender:Variable, up to a maximum of 100 mails in 5 minutes

If the above threshold is crossed once, the sender address is blocked for the next 24 hours.

Using mail server without rate-limiting

To send / receive mails without rate-limiting on dedicated mailservers, AI spam & virus filtering can be turned off on request.