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31st May 2019
Improved AI spam filtering

Further improvements to AI spam filtering to increase accuracy and reduce false positives.

30th May 2019
Money back guarantee

Mailcheap will now offer a 14 day money back guarantee for Enterprise Email - Shared product (basic plan) if its your first Mailcheap order and there were no policy violations.

12th Feb 2019
AI spam filter upgraded

Improved AI spam filtering with phishing, malware & macro virus detection.

11th Feb 2019
Performance improvement for 1 & 2 CPU servers

Offloaded virus filtering to Mailcheap's redundant AI filtering infrastructure. This update will offer improved performance in general and for Sogo.

11th Feb 2019
Whitelist & blacklist senders

Whitelisting & blacklisting tool is now available in console

Perform per-domain whitelist & blacklist actions on incoming mail processed by AI spam filter.

8th Feb 2019
AI spam filter upgrade

Further improved spoofing detection.

Implemented whitelist and blacklist feature. Front-end in console to follow.

7th Feb 2019
Paypal payment issue

Paypal subscriptions which made a recurring payment to us between 21 January 2019 and 02 February 2019 were cancelled due to an operational issue. Please check your Paypal email to verify if you're affected. All affected clients are kindly requested to setup Paypal subscriptions for Mailcheap with their next invoice payment or to add a ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2019
AI spam filter & server performance upgrades

Improved AI spam filtering with better spoofing detection.

Performance improvement for 1 CPU servers, Core services will no longer be impacted by Sogo/EAS over-utilization.

26th Jan 2019
Data restoration tool

New data recovery & restoration tool available in console. This tool can be used to restore email data from backups.

Backups dating back up to 4 weeks are available (even for terminated services).

This tool can also be used for Mailcheap to Mailcheap data migration.

22nd Jan 2019