AI spam filtering & Basic plans upgraded

Optimized AI spam filtering stack to scale better, this update brings back AI spam filtering as standard with Enterprise email - shared (basic) plans.

3. Jan 2019
Performance improvement for 1 CPU servers

Optimized stack for dedicated mailservers with 1 CPU. This update brings improved system stability under loads which could affect AV service.

9. Okt 2018
Updated console

Updated DNS verification and setup tools in console.

25. Aug 2018
Basic plans upgraded

Enterprise Email - Shared (basic) plans have been been updated to support SMTPS port 465 and LOGIN SASL authentication. This update brings wider device compatibility (esp. wrt. older email clients) on par with Mailcheap's dedicated mailservers.

14. Aug 2018
Upgraded AI spam filtering

Completed infrastructure upgrade for AI spam filtering to handle higher peak loads.

29. Jul 2018
Updated virus filtering

Pushed ClamAV update to dedicated servers which had issues with virus filtering. Virus filtering fails when a dedicated server is overloaded, see FAQ  but we hope this update brings more stability even when the system is lacking sufficient resources to operate normally.

29. Jul 2018
Per email recipient limit for dedicated SMTP relay

In order to cut down on distrubution list spamming, dedicated SMTP relays will now have a per email recipient limit of 35.

Changes apply to both new and existing dedicated SMTP relay plans.

30. Jun 2018
Introducing Affiliate Program

Mailcheap is happy to announce the availability of an Affiliate Program.

Earn a flat 50% commission on eligible referrals. See details and FAQ here.

4. Jun 2018
Added 2FA support

Two Factor Authentication support is now available for the client area. Activate it via the My Details page of the client area, located under the "Security Settings" tab. Simply click the 'Click here to enable' button beneath the "Two-Factor Authentication" heading and follow the on-screen instructions.

31. Mai 2018
Introducing batch migration tool

Batch Migration tool can be used to migrate upto 1000 IMAP mailboxes in a single batch.

Now available in console.

31. Mai 2018