Ending affiliate program

Due to widespread abuse of the affiliate program, we're shutting it down for the foreseeable future. Accounts in violation of the affiliate program have been closed. Affiliates with a balance above the minimum withdrawal limit ($50 USD) and are not in violation of the affiliate program can request withdrawal any time within the next 6 months.

21st Dec 2020
Premium relay upgraded

Added new location: US

7th Aug 2020
New Mail System (NMS) updated

New Mail System (NMS) bug fixes:

  • Auto migration display fixed for DomainAdmin permission level when there were multiple domains
  • DomainAdmin cascade enable/disable fixed

27th Jun 2020
Auto-migration fixes

Pushed fixes for auto-migration to new mail system (NMS) servers.

  • Fault-tolerant handling of timeouts
  • Deletion of auto-migration for users past expiry

16th Jun 2020
NMS rate-limits updated

The new mail system (NMS) rate-limits have been updated to allow up to 20 recipients per email.

For services with Premium relay, the new per-user and per-domain limits can be seen here.

14th Jun 2020
NMS system update

Increased swap size and updated automation to better handle extreme overload conditions on private/dedicated servers. Updated docs to inform administrators of the potential pitfalls of not monitoring their dedicated server's load averages.

22nd May 2020
NMS minor update

Updates to antispam system. Now allows whitelisting/blacklisting of subdomains.

21st May 2020
NMS and WHMCS plugin minor update

New Mail System (NMS) updated to fix an issue with log display.

WHMCS plugin updated to fix an issue where service couldn't be provisioned when the client account's email address contained uppercase letters.

27th Apr 2020
AI spam filter update

AI spam filter updated to better respond to emerging spam threats.

24th Apr 2020
NMS update

New Mail System (NMS) web GUI updated to fix display issues for aliases and sender addresses in some edge cases. Force refresh to reflect changes.

24th Apr 2020