New location in US

Added US West location (Oregon) for Reseller World and Dedicated World plans.

27th May 2018
New product lineup, website, docs & ToS

New product lineup: Reseller World, Dedicated World.New website (old links have been preserved or redirected).New documentation.Updated Terms of Service and privacy policy with Data Processing Agreement and permissive reselling policy.Reselling is now possible on all dedicated services (services with dedicated compute resources). Read More »

23rd May 2018
Changes to basic plans

AI spam filtering will no longer be available with basic plans.

18th Apr 2018

Mailcheap is compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relating to organizations with fewer than 250 employees. See EU GDPR compliance section here.

13th Apr 2018
Plan changes

RP-250 has been discontinued. No changes to active services, but it is recommended to upgrade to RP-500 due to performance issues with RP-250.

Added Washington (US East) location for Enterprise Dedicated and Reseller-Enterprise servers.

9th Mar 2018
POP fetch tool upgrade

POP fetch tool has been upgraded with scheduling. Go to console.

17th Dec 2017
Free custom branding

Custom branding is now available for $39.99 $0 with all supported services.

12th Dec 2017
Introducing Mailcheap Console

Mailcheap's console includes setup utilities (setup instructions, server install wizard), tools for verifying DNS & service status and IMAP/POP migration tools.

Now you can setup private mailservers in just a few minutes with the installer!

12th Dec 2017
Pricing changes

Updated prices (indicated in the respecitve product pages and order system) are applicable for existing services from 1 Dec 2017.

10th Nov 2017
AI spam filtering

AI spam filtering is now available for selected plans.

7th Nov 2017