Shutting down Premium mail service

  • 25th March 2021
Due to the recent fire at OVH's Strasbourg datacenter, we lost the primary server for Premium mail service (P100). The service performed as intended and switched to the secondary server at Gravelines, thereby avoiding any downtime. Unfortunately, we're no longer able to provide an HA active-active redundant mail service at this time due to ...
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Incident summary/analysis/recovery status of outage on March 10

  • 20th March 2021
As most of you're aware by now, our services hosted in OVH's Strasbourg DC went offline due to an uncontained fire in SBG2 building. Timeline of events: Major uncontained fire at OVH Strasbourg DC on 10 March 2021, 0130 UTC. This event took down 9 mail servers, Storage-node 1 which served as the primary storage node for another 33 mail ...
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New Mail System (NMS) update

  • 16th March 2021

Minor fixes and improvements.

API changelog:

  • Recovery email now supports plus address aliases
  • Vacation autoreply body supports Windows/Mac EOL
  • Vacation autoreply body supports @ character.

GUI changelog:

  • Import file now supports Windows/Mac EOL
  • Password requirements shown


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Important update to backup MX IP

  • 15th March 2021
Due to the recent fire at OVH's Strasbourg datacenter, we had to change the IP address of one of our backup MX servers. This is only applicable to you if you have setup a custom backup MX hostname (alt.yourdomain.tld) mapped to the IP of   The new IP address is:   The documentation has been updated, please ...
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