Client configuration

Configure your email client / Configure email on your device.

Supported email clients

Almost all the modern email clients which support IMAP, SMTP, POP3 or EAS. Together, these three standard protocols (& EAS) are supported by the majority of all modern email clients. There are help articles for configuring the recommended email clients below.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird - Free, open source email client for Windows, Mac & Linux.
  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows (2013, 2016).
  • Mac OSX Mail.
  • Android Email app.
  • iOS Mail app.

Configure autoconfiguration

Autoconfiguration will enable your users to automatically configure their email clients with just their username and password (in Thunderbird). This feature is available only with Mailcheap’s dedicated servers (incl. reseller plans) deployed after 10 April 2018.

To enable this feature for, add DNS A record pointing to your server’s IP address.


Autoconfiguration will work only in Thunderbird. If your email client respects RFC 6186, it is possible to use DNS SRV records to locate email services.

Autodiscovery in Outlook is not yet supported. If your Outlook version supports ActiveSync, accounts can be configured using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocol. EAS can be used to setup & sync mail, contacts & calendar at once; it requires the user to input only their username, password and EAS server URL on setup. See EAS settings below for more information.

Mailcheap mail server details

Incoming server settings IMAP

  • Server hostname: (Use your own mailserver hostname!)
  • Port: 993
  • Require SSL: Yes, SSL/TLS
  • Authentication: Normal password

Incoming server settings POP

  • Server hostname: (Use your own mailserver hostname!)
  • Port: 995
  • Require SSL: Yes, SSL/TLS
  • Authentication: Normal password

Outgoing server settings SMTP

  • Server hostname: (Use your own mailserver hostname!)
  • Port: 587 / 465
  • Require SSL: Yes, STARTTLS/TLS
  • Require Authentication: Yes, Normal password


Your mailserver hostname, homepage & login credentials are available in the provisioning ticket/email titled “New Product Information” or “Your Mailcheap server has been provisioned”. Refer to email history from the client area by clicking here.

For self installed servers: Mailserver hostname, homepage & login credentials can be found in the installer page. Log in to console > select from the menubar > Setup Utilities > Install wizard > Click ‘View’ link under ‘Details/Install’ column.


Supported TLS version: TLS v1.0 & above.

Supported SASL AUTH mechanisms: PLAIN (all servers), LOGIN (all servers deployed after May 10, 2018)

SMTPS port 465 is only available with dedicated servers deployed after May 10, 2018.

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) settings

  • Server hostname: (Use your own value by replacing ‘’ with your mailserver hostname)
  • Port: 443
  • Require SSL: Yes, SSL/TLS


For EAS, its recommended to use Mail (Windows store app) and Microsoft Outlook app (Android, iOS).

EAS can be used to setup and sync mail, contacts and calendar at once. This is much easier than setting up IMAP, SMTP, CalDAV & CardDAV separately.

EAS uses HTTPS protocol (port 443) to communicate with the mailserver, so it can be used to circumvent ISP blocks of port 25, 587, etc.


EAS is very resource intensive, an EAS user requires two orders of magnitude more resources than an IMAP user. If you have a large userbase, we recommend configuring mail clients exclusively using IMAP.