Cloud & collaboration service

Integrated Cloud, Mail, Calendar, Online Office & Video conferencing based on Nextcloud

Key features

  • Easy login using your email account credentials.
  • Streamline your work using the built-in WebMail, Calendar (CalDAV), Contacts (CardDAV), Tasks, Group messaging, Online office & file sharing - cloud & collaboration - tools.
  • Online Office supports viewing and editing of documents, spreadsheets and presentations from the browser.
  • Reliable syncing across multiple devices; Access everything on the go using desktop clients and mobile apps (download).
  • Collaborate, share and work together as teams/groups and increase productivity in your organization.


Users must login to cloud web-interface before it can be accessed via desktop/mobile clients. Cloud web-interface can be accessed from the homepage of your server (for e.g.,

Cloud quota is same as your IMAP quota but storage is mutually exclusive of each other (your email storage does not count towards cloud storage and v/v). For example, if has 1 GB IMAP quota (exclusively for email storage), then the user will be assigned 1 GB cloud quota (exclusively for cloud storage).


View the User Manual. Manual is also available in the cloud control panel (top right corner of menubar > click gear icon > Help).