Our story, our values
2015 Mailcheap was founded
2016 Mailcheap was incorporated
120+ Active mailservers
20000+ Active email users

“With the help of dedicated servers and a global infrastructure, Mailcheap is able to provide scalable enterprise email solutions at affordable prices.”

Pavin Joseph, Founder & CEO

Mailcheap was started in 2015 with the goal of providing the best 'value for money' email hosting with powerful and reliable backend systems and features to match challenging enterprise requirements. Mailcheap strives to improve the stagnant email hosting market with services never before offered, at prices that are affordable for startup businesses and enterprises.

All this began in early 2015 when we were looking for an email hosting service ourselves and soon found out that the 'per user/month' pricing model would turn out to be too expensive a solution for the larger part of startups, small and medium businesses. Larger enterprises would run their email hosting expenses into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month depending upon their number of users. The few email hosting companies which offer 'unlimited everything' has more limitations veiled behind obscure usage policies.

Our much larger corporate competitors have become less innovative, offering re-hashed services under new marketing campaigns with practically no affordable scalability for an enterprise with ten or more users. Mailcheap provides scalability at affordable prices. Moreover, at Mailcheap we do not depend on extensive marketing campaigns and annoying ads to grow our business, instead we rely on our customer's satisfaction and recommendation to promote our services. The recommendation of satisfied customers is a far more reliable basis for doing business than marketing claims. And our unique Direct-Admin™ support (escalated: L3) ensures that you will continue to remain happy and satisfied with our services.

In 2016, Mailcheap was incorporated as a division of Cyberlabs s.r.o., CZ & Cyberlabs Inc., US to better serve the needs of our clients.