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Choose a product

Select a product from the category that best describes you
I need a complete email solution

Dedicated email servers which include everything you will need to send/receive emails. Recommended if you're new to email hosting.

Reseller Enterprise Reseller Premium Reseller World Dedicated World
I'm familiar with email hosting

Dedicated email servers but some essentials are addons for maximum flexibility and cheapest prices.

Enterprise Email - Dedicated
I'm an individual

Shared email servers have fair use limitations, quota based storage and lacks server wide customizations found in dedicated products but these plans provide the cheapest email hosting and includes everything you need to send/receive emails.

Enterprise Email - Shared Premium mail
I'm an advanced email user

Products that you can integrate with your existing email infrastructure.

SMTP relays Inbound spam filtering Backup MX
Step Two

Order a plan

Read through the product page and FAQ at the end of each product page. Ask us any questions you may have and place the order for your email server. Once the order is placed, we will approve it manually and send email with instructions to get started.
Step Three

Deploy server

Install your dedicated email server with custom branding in just a few minutes using the automated installer. Automated installer is available for all Enterprise Email - Dedicated plans and Reseller Enterprise plans RE-250, RE-500, RE-1000 & RE-2000. All other plans will be provisioned in 24-48 hours.
Step Four

Setup product

For hosted email plans: update your domain's DNS records and add domains & accounts in the admin panel. Migrate users with our web based IMAP migration tool. Feel free to check the documentation for detailed information regarding your product. Go to docs