High availability infrastructure

Cloud servers

Native high availability cloud servers

99.9 - 99.999% uptime guarantee with HA cloud solutions. Built on OVH Cloud platform (DLP member). See Status for service status & uptime monitoring.

Data protection

RAID protection & offsite data replication

High performace Intel SSD's for your email server coupled with high performace SAS drives for email storage are replicated with offsite backups for maximum data security. Access to your data is strictly controlled, whether sensitive or not.

Artificial intelligence

Intelligent spam filtering

AI spam filtering based on deep learning neural networks is designed specifically for enterprise users and helps your business maintain a high level of productivity.


24/7 monitoring

24/7 enterprise grade monitoring as standard for all services. See Status for service status & uptime monitoring.

Backup Mail servers

Dual backup servers

Geo-redundant dual backup mail servers (backup MX) as standard to protect from loss of incoming email in the rare event of a cloud anomaly.

Carrier grade relays

Guaranteed deliverability

Carrier grade outbound filtering and premium SMTP relays with excellent IP reputation for near 100% deliverability. See more info on Premium Relay here.

Anti-DDoS protection

Standard across all plans

All our email hosting services include protection against all types of DDoS attacks.

Open source

Reliability & transparency through open source software

From the OpenStack cloud to the Postfix mail server, Mailcheap uses open source software to deliver safer, more reliable cloud email servers.