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Business email hosting and reseller email hosting powered by dedicated servers & our in-house API-first hosted email platform. Fully managed and supported by us.
What is Mailcheap?

Mailcheap is an API-first email hosting service with a user-friendly interface. We provide personalized email for all your domains & users with unmatched features and performance at affordable prices. Check out the demo server here to interact with the web interface and API.

  • Email @yourcompany.com

    Build your brand and increase customer trust with a professional email address like alice@yourcompany.com, bob@yourcompany.com, etc.

  • Private & Secure

    Mailcheap's dedicated email servers offer industry-leading privacy by design (OpenStack cloud + KVM virtualization) in conjunction with TLS for secure email access & transmission, advanced spam & virus filters, and native two-factor or passkey authentication.

  • Reliable

    24x7 enterprise-grade monitoring, offsite data backup & restoration, self-healing datastore (Ceph), geo-redundant backup mail servers, filters & relays together with DDoS protection ensures high availability and data integrity.

Why Mailcheap?

Affordable scalability for small & large businesses. At Mailcheap, we do not charge you per user, you get your own email server, and we manage everything for you. Furthermore, our powerful API enables you to meet your changing business requirements with ease.

  • Unlimited mailboxes

    With Mailcheap, you can create an unlimited number of mailboxes. The only limit is the hardware resources (storage & compute) of the server.

  • Accessible at all times

    Access email from any device, anywhere, anytime. Mailcheap provides webmail access and also supports IMAP, POP, SMTP, CardDAV & CalDAV protocols for accessing email, contacts, and calendars from desktop/mobile clients.

  • Easy setup & migration

    Easily migrate your users with Mailcheap's automatic migration feature, or use our web-based batch migration tools to perform migration yourself. Setup is as easy as adding domains and updating your DNS records.

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