Incident (outage) handling

In case of an outage, please rest assured that our specialists would be notified automatically and would resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Most outages due to hardware/software fault would be resolved by our team or the datacenter (DC) team without the need for disaster recovery (DR). In rare outages, for example with the DC power or network infrastructure where it’s not possible to estimate recovery time, it’s recommended to perform DR as soon as possible rather than wait for a resolution from the DC team. Our automated DR procedures can fully restore the service back to its previous operational state without losing any data or settings. Some products require your input for DR as specified below.

Incident updates would be posted on the following page within 1 hour of an outage:

Complete (not partial) outages would be reflected on the following status page within 5 minutes:


If you have a Cloud/Dedicated server, please make sure to watch the load averages from Server > Usage metrics so as not to put undue load on the server which may cause service disruption and loss of data. Mailcheap does not consider service disruption due to server overload an outage and will not be held responsible for any downtime or loss of data resulting from it.

Enterprise Cloud

EC-plans require your input for automated DR as the mailserver hostname and its corresponding DNS A record are not managed by us. To perform disaster recovery: from client area Services > press Manage button under Actions column.

Enterprise Dedicated

ED-plans require your input for DR as the mailserver hostname and its corresponding DNS A record are not managed by us. Our specialists would open a support ticket to initiate DR (if required) and would be available to coordinate it.

Enterprise Shared

ES-plans do not require your input for DR. Our team would perform DR if required and will keep you posted via the incidents page.