Email migration

Automatic migration feature is available from Mail Portal > Auto migration

Auto-migration enables you to migrate users and their emails without resetting passwords, importing them into the system manually or performing email data migration for each user

How it works

  • Set up auto migration for a domain with your existing (source) IMAP server details
  • Your users can then sign up from the login page
  • The system checks their credentials with the source IMAP server, creates an account for them and migrates the emails


Other migration tools

IMAP migration & POP fetch tools are available in Mailcheap’s console.

Once logged in to console, select from the menu bar > Tools > IMAP migration or POP Fetch.

For batch migration of IMAP mailboxes (up to 1000 mailboxes in a single batch), select from the menu bar > Tools > Batch migration.

For Mailcheap to Mailcheap migration or data recovery, select from the menu bar > Tools > Data restoration.