Mailcheap documentation

Welcome to Mailcheap’s New Mail System (NMS) documentation, FAQ & knowledgebase. For the API documentation, navigate here. For corrections, additions or general feedback, please feel free to contact us.

General FAQ

What is Mailcheap?

Mailcheap is an email hosting service for businesses; whether you’re a startup, SME or large enterprise, we provide personalized email for all your domains and users with unmatched features & performance at very affordable prices.

What are Mailcheap’s key advantages?

  • Cloud / Dedicated server - Industry first, personalized Cloud and Dedicated servers provide unmatched privacy & security at affordable prices.
  • Simple Control Panel - A single, uncluttered web based admin panel ensures that you are easily able to manage your email server within seconds.
  • 100% API support - Complete API support for email administration available with all permission levels (account types).
  • Professional email, affordable prices - Mailcheap’s transparent and simple pricing model starts at $4.99 per month and offers yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly billing.
  • Affordable scalability - Plans that offer unlimited domains/users and plenty of storage. Our Enterprise Cloud EC-250 plan offers 250 GB storage and dedicated compute resources among other features for just $34.99 per month while our largest server Enterprise Dedicated ED-28T plan offers 28 TB storage for $999 per month.
  • Support that just works - Mailcheap’s Direct-Admin™ support (escalated: L3) is handled by our system admins themselves. So rest assured, you are actually talking to someone who is responsible for managing your server and can fix problems even before they arise (24/7 monitoring as standard).

What advantages does Mailcheap’s email hosting have over shared email hosting?

Flexibility, scalability and privacy. The freedom of having as many users on as many domains as possible with your storage. You no longer have to deal with the conventional per user/month policy of shared email hosting providers. Instead, you can have all the flexibility and scalability that you want at affordable prices.

Do you offer trial services?

Trial services are not offered at this time, mainly because we offer dedicated services (all services with dedicated compute are provisioned to order) and also to protect our reputation from spammers. You are encouraged to look at the demo, product page & FAQ.

Where are your datacenters located?

Mailcheap is an OVH Digital Launch pad member and uses OVH’s global infrastructure to host our primary customer-facing solutions. See infrastructure for more details.

How secure is my data?

Due to Mailcheap’s architecture (separation of compute & storage), we can sustain full loss of mailserver (compute instance) and recover without any data loss. The primary storage itself is backed up every day to an offsite backup system where we keep rolling snapshots for the last 30 days. You can restore from these snapshots using the data restoration tool in console.

By leveraging Ceph for our hybrid storage (Enterprise NVMe SSDs + Enterprise HDDs) architecture with 3x data replication, your data is protected from bit-rot (natural data degradation) and host/disk failures while providing high availability, I/O performance, and atomic (point-in-time) snapshots.

Which support options are available?

L1 support (general support) managed by support specialists and Direct-Admin™ support (escalated L3: bugs/service issues) with systems engineers.

Do you offer uptime SLA?

An SLA is not offered at this time, but we strive to provide 99.9% uptime or better. Our historical uptime figures can be seen from the status page.

We have very robust, tested, and automated DR (disaster recovery) procedures that can restore service to a fully functional state in the event of an unrecoverable loss of mailserver (compute instance).

Do you offer support SLA?

An SLA is not offered at this time. We try to answer support queries within 12-24 hours. With 24/7 enterprise grade monitoring for all services, our engineers are always a step ahead in terms of responding to critical service issues and ensuring availability.

Is Mailcheap EU GDPR compliant?

Mailcheap is compliant with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relating to organizations with fewer than 250 employees. See EU GDPR rights & Data Processing Agreement here.