Features for MasterAdmin

This page covers the advanced features of Mail Portal accessible only for MasterAdmin in dedicated servers.

Mail Portal is your one-stop mail administration, webmail, contacts and calendaring gateway. Before following this guide, please make sure you’ve covered the help articles here and here.

Configure global mail settings

Configure global mail related settings in Settings page. The following can be configured:

  • Global antispam thresholds
  • Global whitelist and blacklist
  • System mailer: used to send system emails for password reset, etc.
  • Junk and trash folder clearing interval
  • Postfix relayhost: the next destination (SMTP server) to relay all mails to
  • IMAP master password: a master password to access any mailbox, useful for downloading and keeping your own email data backups


Whitelist and blacklist actions are performed against the MAIL FROM (envelope) domain and not the DATA From header domain (which is what mail client’s display).

More on antispam thresholds

It is possible to set custom antispam thresholds (scores at which mails would be rejected, deferred or sent to junk folder) globally that would apply to all domains hosted on the server.

The default scores are as below:

  • Reject mail: 10
  • Add X-Spam header and send mail to junk folder: 4
  • Defer (greylist) mail: 3

The scores for each of your email messages can be seen by inspecting its headers. You may experiment by changing the above default values to suit your requirements, but as a rule of thumb the scores should be in order: defer < add header < reject

Global settings page

Mail stats

View the following mail statistics: number of domains, domain aliases, relay domains, mailboxes, aliases, sender addresses, addressbooks, calendars and sieve filters added in the system.

This page also shows the total resource usage/properties (domains, domain aliases, relay domains, mailboxes, aliases & sender addresses) added by each DomainAdmin.

Mail stats page

Server logs

View logs (latest 10000 lines) for Postfix (SMTP server) and Dovecot (IMAP/POP server) from Server (menu) > Server logs

View server logs

Server usage metrics

View disk usage and load averages from Server (menu) > Usage metrics

View usage metrics

Server actions

Perform server actions from Server (menu) > Actions. The following can be performed:

  • Dovecot quota recalculation: recalculate IMAP/POP server storage quota
  • Dovecot index rebuild: rebuild indexes for IMAP/POP mailboxes (useful after a large migration)
  • Postfix verify cache clear: clear SMTP server address verification cache (useful to resolve negative caching issues)
  • Backup radicale: export addressbooks and calendars as a ZIP file, useful for downloading and keeping your own backups

Perform server actions

Server information

View API and GUI version information from Server (menu) > About

View server information